Path2College 529 Plan

Whether it's the perfect crib and car seat, protective gear like shin guards or swim goggles for their afterschool activities or purchasing a hard plastic container for their laptop or mobile device; parents are responsible for their children's safety.

Making sure one day they arrive safely at a college dorm means saving for the future today. Higher education expenses are made easier with the state of Georgia’s official college savings plan- Path2College 529.

Saving now can offset the future costs of college tuition and other expenses, something backed by Congress in 1997 as part of the Taxpayer Relief Act.

Four years later, Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code allowed programs to be exempt from taxation, thereby making the funds contributed by citizens exempt as well.

Georgia’s 529 Plan was established in 2002 and goes one step further by allowing residents to deduct up to $2,000 per year, per beneficiary on their state income taxes.

For more information about this benefit and other advantages, visit Path2College 529.