Student Aid Services

Program Administration

Manages the State Program Regulations for all programs, College HOPE Eligibility Calculation Service (CHECS), Dual Enrollment funding program, REACH Georgia Scholarship program, design of the new systems: Postsecondary Functions and High School Functions. Provides state training.

Provides assistance with program regulations, eligibility information, CHECS, initial eligibility for the HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarship programs, administrative review process and exception requests. Provides assistance with the Dual Enrollment funding application and program requirements. Provides training and assistance with the design of the systems and guidance of the state aid programs.

Vice President: Pennie Strong - - 770.724.9014

Program Administration - - 770.724.9251


Dual Enrollment funding Program-

REACH Georgia Scholarship Program –

Financial Aid Operations

Manages the day to day operations of the scholarship, grant, and loan program student applications, originations, disbursements, invoices and reconciliation procedures.

Provides borrowers with loan servicing (payments, deferments, forbearances and service cancellation options). Provides assistance with

Manages the GSFC Call Center. Assists students with information regarding GAfutures, GSFAPPS, scholarship, grant and loan program options.

Vice President: Benita Jorgensen – 770.724.9210

Program and Website Information - - 800.505.4732

Borrower Contact/Service Credit/Repayment – – 800.505.4732

Senior Manager Origination and Disbursement: David Jones – 770.724.9039

Origination and Disbursement - - 800.505.4732 option 5.1

SAL Financial Aid Professionals -

Student Access Loan Questions (borrowers) -

Technical Assistance – SURFER – – 800.505.4732 option 5.1

Technical Assistance - STARS and Transcript Exchange -

Marketing Communications and Outreach Services

Provides financial aid information to students, parents and high schools including state aid program information and FAFSA completion events. Provides newsletters and creates social media content (podcasts, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.)

Vice President: Melissa Cruz 770.724.9078

Outreach Manager: Mendi Morrow – 770.724.9062

Outreach Team: