Open Records Requests

Georgia Open Records Act

The Georgia Open Records Act (the “Act,” O.C.G.A. § 50-18-70 et seq.) establishes the right of the public to inspect and/or receive public records, excluding those records that are specifically exempt from disclosure by court order or law. After receiving an Open Records Request directed to the agency’s Download this pdf file. Open Records Officer , the Georgia Student Finance Commission will notify the requestor within three (3) business days if there are records responsive to the request and whether the records requested are subject to release in accordance with the Act. If the records exist, but are not immediately available, the Open Records Officer's response will include a description of the records and a timetable for their release. The response will be provided in written format and will be sent via email when possible. If there is a fee required to receive the documents, the requestor will be notified.

The Georgia Open Records Act applies to existing records. It does not require that an agency answer questions, create new documents or prepare new reports, compilations, or summaries.

In some instances, the agency may insist that a requestor prepay costs prior to the agency's search, retrieval, review or production of the requested records. Payments may be made by check or money order payable to the "Georgia Student Finance Commission" with "Open Records Request" in the memo line. Please mail to the attention of the "Open Records Officer."

When submitting an Open Records Request please include your request, full name, mailing or email address, and telephone number.

Request may be submitted electronically by emailing [email protected] or by mailing a physical copy of your request to the address below:

Georgia Student Finance Commission

General Counsel

2082 East Exchange Place

Tucker, GA 30084