Student Aid Services

Vice President: Pennie Strong - - 770.724.9014

Call Center

Provides general information regarding GAfutures, GSFAPPS, lottery- and state-funded scholarships, grants and loans.

Program and General Website Information - - 800.505.4732

Program Administration

Provides information related to state scholarship, grant, and loan program regulations, administrative review process and exception requests. 

Program Administration - - 770.724.9251

Eligibility, Origination and Disbursement

Responsible for addressing inquiries related to the processing of all lottery- and state-funded scholarship, grant, and loan programs through applications, origination, disbursement, invoicing, and reconciliation. Provides assistance with SURFER and STARS inquiries.

Associate Vice President - - 770.724.9039

Origination and Disbursement - - 800.505.4732 option 5.1

SAL Financial Aid Professionals -

Student Access Loan Questions (borrowers) -

Student Access Loan-Technical Questions (borrowers) -

Postsecondary Services

Provides school visits, training, and guidance on lottery- and state-funded scholarship, grant, and loan programs.

Mendi Morrow - - 770.724.9062