Regulations 2016-2017

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Summary of Changes

Executive Summary | Summary Chart

State of Georgia Program Definitions

Program Definitions

Charles McDaniel Teacher Scholarship

Georgia HERO Scholarship

Georgia Military College State Service Scholarship

Georgia National Guard Service Cancelable Loan Program

Georgia Public Safety Memorial Grant

Georgia Residency Requirements for State Programs


HOPE Grant

HOPE Scholarship at Private Institutions

HOPE Scholarship at Public Institutions

John R. Justice

Move On When Ready (MOWR)

Realizing Educational Achievement Can Happen Scholarship (REACH)

Scholarship for Engineering Education (SEE) Service Cancelable Loan

Scholarship for Engineering Education for Minorities (MSEE) Service Cancelable Loan

Student Access Loan

Tuition Equalization Grant (TEG)

University of North Georgia Military Scholarship

University of North Georgia ROTC Grant

University of North Georgia ROTC Grant for Future Officers

Zell Miller Grant

Zell Miller Scholarship